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Dried soft slices mangoes fruit for exporting

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Dried soft mangoes slices.

- No sugar

- All Natural

- Rich nutrients

- No additives


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Soft dried mango product is perfectly made by fresh mangoes in Vietnam. To the best soft dried mangoes, We use the Keo mangoes species because of their delicious and attractive smell and taste.

Our product is researched and produced with high-quality standards to meet export requirements and demand's needs.


Specification of quality standards Picture


- Moisture content: 20 % max.

- Ingredient: 100 % fresh mango fruits.

- Color: natural orange.

- Taste: naturally sweet, sugar-free, preservative-free.

- Appearance: sliced, soft.

- Length: 7 - 14cm.

- Thickness: 0.2 - 0.5mm

- Packing:

  • 100 gram per Zipper bag (100 bags/carton).
  • 500 grams per zipper bag (20 bags carton).
  • Or as the customer's request.

- Shelf life: 6 months since the products are packed.

-  Minimum order quantity: can direct discuss together.



- Using dried mango product is extremely simple. Being can direct eating as a snack fruit, or can mix with some other dried fruits for detox tea, in many sweet cakes, jam ... Moreover, they are very convenient for bringing anywhere to use them.

- The shelf-life is longer than fresh mangoes so much. Dried soft mangoes always are preserved a well in a dried and cool place, avoid a humid and direct sunlight place.


- Keo mangoes fresh material is carefully selected from the reputed mango farm. These farms strictly comply with some stipulation such as Viet gap, Global gap.  Fresh Keo mangoes gain suitable maturity, fresh, no rotten, wholly intact, ... 

- With the most modern drying technology and machine system, our products always maximum retain nutrients content themselves. They are very delicious, rich vitamins, natural colour, free-preservative, no sugar, no strange smell, non-GMO,...

- Dried soft mango products have achieved some quality standards about food hygiene and safety, good for consumers. 

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