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Dried sea moss / eucheuma cottonii

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- Moisture content: 38% max
- Impurities: 3% max
- Packing: 
+ 16 oz per zipping lock kraft paper, PA vacuum bag (50 bags per carton box).
+ 8oz zip lock bag (200 bags per carton box).
+ 25 kilograms per PE bag inside and PP bag outside, or according to customer’s requestion.

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- Dried sea moss ' Irish Moss" is good food for humans because It has contained a lot of natural nutrients which is absorbed from the sea: mineral matter, protein, iodine, calcium, carbohydrates, zinc, manganese, and natural collagen.
- Our sea moss product is cultivated and processed completely natural, no admixture, no preservative, Non-GMO, Gluten-free, no chemical, etc. It is really safe to use every day.
- When dried sea moss has been softening in freshwater, It still holds the nutritions and odour of the sea. The sea moss uses directly to making the drinking, salad, etc  

* **The benefits of sea moss:

- Helps to boots immure function.

- Improves skin, hair, and nail.

- Improves mood.

- Improves thyroid function.

- Reduces mucus congestion.

- Sea moss can be used as a gelatin substitute.

*** Description of dried sea moss / Irish moss :

- Moisture content: 38% max

- Impurities: 3% max

- Color: golden

- Quality: no gravel, no nylon cord, no humid, no soil, uniformity colour.

- Packing: 

+ 100 kilos per bale

+ 25 kilograms per PE bag inside and PP bag outside.

+ According to the customer’s request.

-  Quantity: 19 tons per 1 container 20 feet.

- Loading Port: Cat Lai Port, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

- Storage: dry and cool places, away from humidity.

- Shelf life: 12 months sine manufacturing.

- Capacity: 200 tons/months.

***** Production process of dried sea moss:

Fresh sea moss -> Cleaned impurity up -> Handing sea moss -> Naturally dried ->  dried sea moss.

- Fresh sea moss has to achieve maturely.

- The sea moss is cleaned up of impurities as nylon cord, gravel, and other strangers.

- Being naturally processed about colour for agreeing to the customer's request.

- Fresh sea moss is dried completely under the sunshine.

- Final sea moss has the lowest moisture level and impurity, and uniform colour,...

***** Some pictures for our sea moss products:










Fresh sea moss is removed impurity by the workers








Sea moss is naturally processed about colour.



















Drying sea moss under the sunshine 

































Real dried sea moss / eucheuma cottonii is cleaned up the impurities again and packed to export.


loading_sea_moss_into _container















Loading the sea moss into the container.

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